Medium Duty Racking

Medium Duty Racking System Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Medium Duty Racking System Manufacturer in India

Medium Duty shelving is usually used to store items with a load capacity that varies between 200Kg to 500kg UDL/Level. They are easy to implement, adapt into a space. These types of shelving are also quite popular in logistics, warehousing, workshops, Stores, Hospitals & Retails Shops

Particular Medium Duty Back
Dimension (H)2000mm X(W)2000MM X(D)600MM
Shelving Configuration Stand alone
Loading capicity 500 kg UDL / level
Number of Adjustment Shelves 4 Nos.
Self adjustment possible At interval of 37.5mm
Frame Material M.S.
Decking material Steel Wire mesh


1. Easy to assemble & dismantle.

2. Very economical pricing.

3. Shelves are adjustable at the pitch of 37.5mm.

4. Powder coated racks with multiple straps.

5. Adjustable loading levels (4 Nos.) with enhanced loading capacity i.e. 500 Kg UDL/Level.

6. Mesh decking facilitates light penetration up to bottom level.


1. Logistics Companies

2. Workshops

3. Warehousing

4. Stores.

5. Shop.

6. Hospitals

7. Others

Note : Racks are readily available in Stock. Zero Manufacturing Time.