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Rack and Shelves Manufacturers in India

Racks and shelving are storage solutions that help organize and store items in a wide range of settings, from warehouses and factories to retail stores and homes.

A rack typically refers to a freestanding, vertical structure with horizontal shelves or levels, often used to store large and heavy items. Racks can be made of various materials such as metal, wood, or plastic and can come in different designs such as open or closed-back.

Shelving, on the other hand, refers to a series of horizontal platforms or shelves that are typically attached to a wall or other vertical surface. Shelving can be made of similar materials as racks and come in various styles such as floating or bracketed.

Both racks and shelving can be customized to fit the specific needs of a particular environment. Some common features of racks and shelving include adjustable shelf heights, the ability to support heavy loads, and ease of assembly and installation. Additionally, some units may include features such as locking mechanisms or anti-tip designs to improve safety and security