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Storack Solutions provides racks and storage solutions in Sonipat, with its quality manufacturing unit in Sonipat. It provides racks, storage units, shelves, and pallets systems to warehouses, industries, offices, commercial shops, malls, and factories to maintain orders and organize the maximum space.

In addition to providing racking solutions of the highest possible quality in various sizes, grades, and finishes, as well as other options, we also offer bespoke design services to help you make the most of the area you have available for storage. With racks, it is easier to manage the space in a warehouse effectively. Likewise, shops and malls can only showcase their products effectively. We at Storack Solutions manufacture metal, steel and other fabrications storage solutions to meet the industry demand. When personnel attempt to load or unload inventory in this cramped environment, there is a significant risk of sustaining major injuries. Our business is recognized as one of Sonipat, leading Racks, shelves, pallets & Storage manufacturers. We assist customers in selecting the appropriate product to meet the requirements of their particular industry space.

We can craft a solution for your needs, considering your specified load capacity requirements.

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Pallet Racking System

Pallet Racking System in Sonipat

Pallet flow racks make it easier to meet the demands of high-density, first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage for palletized goods that are stored in large quantities. To palletize the inventory in real-time, we offer a system called Live Pallet Racking comprising gravity flow conveyors and pallet racks.

Multi-tier Racks in Sonipat

Our Multi-tier Shelving Systems have been optimized for storing and picking non-palletized products, including a wide variety of materials, bins, loose objects, cartons, etc. The Multi-tier Shelving system from Craftsman is an excellent option when there is a restriction on the amount of floor space available.

Multi-tier Racks

Modular Mezzanine Floor

Modular Mezzanine Floor in Sonipat

Mezzanine floors make the most of the height of the premises, doubling or tripling the amount of surface area that may be utilized and making it possible to designate that space as a place for storage. Using the height of the building to one's advantage using the construction of a mezzanine is an excellent way to make the most of the space at one's disposal. The structure, proportions, and location of mezzanine floors can all be modified. Additionally, mezzanine floors can be completely dismounted and reused.

Drive-in Racking System in Sonipat

As per the accumulation principle, it is easy to use the available space efficiently, building the foundation on which the system is built. Drive-in racking is intended for storing items of the same kind, and it can hold a significant number of pallets corresponding to each SKU.

Drive-in Racks

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking in Sonipat

Let's compare Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking to Single Deep Selective Pallet Racking. We can see that Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking can increase warehouse density by up to forty per cent because Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking allows two pallets to be placed behind each other to offer fifty per cent selectivity.

High Rise Racking in Sonipat

High-rise sacking has several advantages, including a high storage density, effective and optimal space utilization, quicker and more direct access, high processing speeds, and safe storage of up to 40 meters in height. Both specialized load carriers and standard types of pallets are within the scope of our system's storage capabilities.

High Rise Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking in Sonipat

The Cantilever Racking System is a versatile racking system ideal for storing long or varying-length objects such as metal beams, pipes, mouldings, and wooden boxes, as well as flat items such as wood, steel plates, and other bulky construction components. Cantilever Racking System is designed to support the weight of the object being stored even when the length of the thing being stored varies.

Narrow Aisle Racking in Sonipat

The Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking system, combines a variety of characteristics to make the most efficient use of the available space and expedite the picking of orders. It is a building set-up utilized in various industries with a limitation on the area available for warehousing.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Medium Duty Racks

Medium Duty Racks in Sonipat

A medium-duty rack system is a cost-effective and efficient solution in correctly utilizing the accessible areas and immediate access to all goods that are kept. Depending on the number of shelves used, the medium-duty rack system is suitable for storing small and medium-sized goods weighing between 500 and 1400 kilograms.

Extended Span Shelving in Sonipat

Long-span shelving systems are designed for the manual selection and storage of a wide variety of goods, including bins, loose objects, cartons, etc. This solution is the most common style of shelving, and it can be easily adapted for several weight and height configurations. It also provides direct access to the SKUs in both single-faced shelving and back-to-back shelving configurations.

Long-span shelving

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks in Sonipat

The heavy-duty shelving system was created specifically to efficiently store commodities ranging from medium to heavy loads. It is a secure and flexible storage system that meets the organization's ever-evolving needs. Heavy-duty shelving can store various products and allow easy access to anything on the shelves.

Racks And Shelving in Sonipat

Racking and shelving are considered the most critical aspects of warehousing operations, as well as a fundamental component of these operations, which involve placing inventory and storing goods within warehouse facilities. Racking utilized in warehouses and other industrial facilities is commonly referred to as Pallet Racking.

Racks And Shelving

Slotted angle racks

Slotted angle racks in Sonipat

The most straightforward and cost-efficient method for satisfying all the storage requirements is installing slotted angle shelving in your space. These slotted angle shelving solutions are utilized for manual refilling and facilitating the speedy collection of orders. Direct storage is possible for child parts, fasteners, documents, and books, among other things. This slotted angle shelving is an excellent solution for areas with limited storage space and height and for situations where the object is to be stored small.

File Storage Compactor System in Sonipat

Because of the mobile compactor system, shelving units can be reduced in size while simultaneously boosting their storage capacity. All this is accomplished without restricting direct access to any item currently in stock. Aisles are unnecessary since the shelving units are built on guided mobile bases that glide laterally, which eliminates the need for lanes, which open up only when accessed. The operator issues the command to automatic

File Storage Compactor System

Why Choose Storack Storage Solution Specialist in Sonipat

1 Ultra Modern plant equipped with advance press shop, weld shop and fully automated paint shop.

2In-house design Capability for layout & Structural Analysis.

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4Fastest Delivery & Installation.

5Processes approx 500 to 800 tonnage steel every month.

6Successfully completed 500+ projects.

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